Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Has Sprung On Sanibel

Fifty Four degrees last night, seventy seven today! Spring Has sprung! I really think this is it!

It was such a perfect day for the beach, but we had grocery shopping to do first. On the way off the island, I was envious of all the people having fun on the causeway islands. :)

On the way back, a couple Lee County police vehicles went flying past. When we got to the first causeway island, three police vehicles were parked there and talking to a man, who appeared to be angry. At the end of that first island, traffic was stopped. We noticed there was no traffic coming from the island, which made us think there was a problem on the causeway. We sat there for quite a while and then began inching our way to the next island, where we sat again for a long time.

While we were sitting there, two of the police cars came past us. One went to the left to go around traffic, so all the cars were pulling over to the right to give it room. Then at almost the same time, the other police car was trying to go around the traffic on the right side, in the emergency lane where they had all shifted to. Boy, did that cause a mess. When we finally began moving, they were switching back and forth, letting some traffic go off island and then let some traffic through to go to the island. An ambulance was allowed through, which sat on the bridge for a while, before leaving again. There were three vehicles sitting in the same lane, which all appeared to be pretty badly damaged.

Going to the beach on our return was now a plan of the past. Traffic was gridlocked all over the island. This happened during the time when traffic is most heavy. Most days, during season, traffic is backed up most of the length of Periwinkle and a lot on a couple of other streets, as well. That is the condition, even with police directing traffic to keep the flow moving off island as fast as possible. Today it just kept piling up. :(

No beach time today. But there's always tomorrow, which is supposed to be another nice one! :)


Gayle said...

All those tourists enjoying YOUR warm weather. I hope you get to the beach tomorrow.

sue in mexico mo said...

Isn't it unusual to have accidents on the causeway? Have they raised the speed limit? Hope not! (You lucky residents probably wish it was higher.) I guess the wonderful views are distracting. Still you would think if there was an accident, it would just be a little rear-ender, not a big traffic stopping pile-up. Sorry you missed your beach time.