Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sanibel and Sunday Afternoon Rain

Today it was overcast but felt fairly warm at 71 degrees. That is until we went to the beach at resident access 1 off of West Gulf Dr. We had rain on the way and when we got to the beach it was thundering in the distance. There were several groups of people there when we arrived, but they were all packing their things to leave. The strong wind was chilly, the water was rough and we could see rain coming our way. I was having a good time looking at all the beach wrack the waves were bringing in, but the rain was right on our heels, so we left. By days end, we had 0.64" of rain.


Gayle said...

Such a calming sound of the surf. I'd love to have that outside my bedroom window.

Beth said...

We had Saturday rain and then Sunday wind. It was gusting so hard that I had to cut short my walk on the beach. I found a really pretty olive before I quit, though!

Jeanne Selep said...

Beautiful blog, I'll be back. I was wondering, how many years have you lived at Sanibel Island?