Friday, March 12, 2010

Rain, Rain, Sanibel Friday, Rain!

The temperature today stayed under 70, there was a very few degrees difference from night to day. It rained all through the night and I mean HEAVY rain until mid-afternoon. I've heard conflicting numbers on the amount we actually got during that time, but one amount was 5.50".

As we were on the way to the Sanibel Cafe, water was standing everywhere.

It was really dark out for mid-day; everyone had their lights on.

Mr Richard, proprietor on duty, came out from the kitchen, carrying a great looking salad that he had made for his own enjoyment. :) While we were there, I heard a lady telling him that the Sanibel Cafe has become their favorite place to eat, when they are here on the island.

After a great meal, we drove on over to West Gulf Drive to check out the beach. There was a lot of rain water standing, all along the way.

We chose access 7 off of West Gulf Dr. because it was the only one of the accesses between 1 and 7 that didn't have water that we'd have to walk through to get to the beach. It was raining when we got there so we just took some pictures and video, there wasn't great shelling so we left.

We decided to drive on to Lighthouse Beach to see if there were any shells coming in. It had quit raining when we got there. Not really good shelling but I had a good time walking along the beach, looking at the beach wrack.

This poor pelican seemed to be grounded because of the strong wind. It was pushing it sideways along the beach.

I was having a good time, walking along looking down. As I turned to start walking toward the parking area, I was still looking back to make sure I hadn't missed anything :). I turned my head just as I was starting to take the next step, which would have been in this 2' deep hole. There were two of them, side by side.

If you go to Lighthouse Beach, and haven't taken the little path toward the lighthouse from the end of the parking area, be sure to do that. There are some interesting signs there to look at, and it's just a nice little walk.

I wish more people would look at the one about sea turtles. Maybe they wouldn't leave trash items behind when they leave the beach. There were light reflections on the glass, but maybe you can see the items that were found in one sea turtle's intestines.

There was more rain in sight, it was time to go.

Parts of the parking area were standing full of water.

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Jackie said...

We got it in Tampa too on Friday! Today was beautiful tho. Enjoy your Sunday!