Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Walking In The Sanibel Rain

It was 63 degrees here last night and today, 68. It rained the entire day, which doesn't happen often. By the end of the day, we had nearly 1 1/2 inches. After being inside all day, I was ready to get out for a while. This evening around 4:30, the rain let up a little, so we headed for the Donax St access. It was still raining lightly when we walked out onto the beach. As I looked west, I only saw one couple walking past the Holiday Inn. There were several people out, in the other direction. It was obvious that they were trying to entertain their children and get in a little beach time. There was an accumulation of shells where they were, and they were filling bags with them. Maybe they are going to have a shell hunt in their condo.

I love walking on the beach when it's raining. I know everyone finds different things beautiful, but I think nearly everyone would appreciate the calming effect it has. Even a few shore birds seemed to be enjoying the rain.

The swales were full of water. Some yards looked like they had small ponds.
At the beach access you had to either jump over the water or wade through, to get on the boardwalk. I chose to go barefoot and walk through it.

Video of area between Donax and Nerita St accesses.

There were not a lot of shells, only in spots.

Right about here, I was wondering if our friend Kim had dug this hole, in her quest for shells this morning. :)

Bagging shells.

This poor little fish! (Maybe a Boxfish, a type of Puffer? Can anyone help?)Doesn't it have the most beautiful stripped design? Amazing! There was also a tiny, Brittle Starfish curled up beside it.

It's a good thing we drove down this street! We were just in time to help this poor flamingo get that mailbox out of it's butt. My good deed for today.


Gayle said...

The beach and rain are both so soothing and calm. I bet you have the lowest blood pressure. I would have wading as well...that looks like one would slip on their butt after jumping.

Megan said...

The beach is wonderful no matter what the weather is like. The flamingo picture gave me a good laugh this morning. I collect flamingos but I think I'll pass on that one.
Thanks for visiting my blog -- I'm just getting started and don't post as much as I'd like.

Terrence McCarthy said...

Delighted to see your comment on my blog, Tootie. I'll check out yours often. We've never been to Sanibel ( Closest I've come is reading Randy Wayne White's novels ) but have stayed on Pine Island. Have been coming here to Fort Myers Beach for the past few years. We're here til Monday. Thanks again for your comment.