Monday, February 8, 2010

Early this evening we went to the beach at Nerita St. The water was pretty calm and the sound of the waves was the relaxing type that we all yearn for. :) There was a lot of beach wrack and a few shells, but nothing I was interested in picking up. It was a little on the cool side, but I was comfortable in bermuda shorts and a sweatshirt. The high for the day was only 65 degrees, the water temp is 63 degrees.

The clouds were beautiful.

After a walk on the beach, we decided to have dinner at the Sanibel Cafe, which is now open from 7 to 7 everyday except Sunday when they close at 3. We had burgers and they were the best on the island! :)


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Excited to say we have our reservations for October again!! My DH is not coming this time (he gets bored!! can you believe it??)so just me and my DD. October again. Now the count down. But first we have a trip to Wisconsin with hubby, then a trip to Montana without. Probably another to San Diego after than. But... counting one trip at a time until October 9th!! Woo-hoo!!

JadeDragon said...

What amazing photos. I remember visiting fondly - in fact I have a framed Sanibel sunset photo in my home to remind me

Mare said...

On a damp, dreary day in Georgia, reading about your day just made me smile.

Especially the burger part. ;)