Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Cold Front For Sanibel

With yet another cold front passing through, our temperature dropped to 57 during the night. This morning we had some sunshine and a 69 degree temperature, but this afternoon it was cloudy and cool with SSE wind with gusts up to 20. The water was pretty rough. We have only had sprinkles and some very light rain this evening.

When trying to go to a West Gulf Beach this afternoon around 3, the traffic was very heavy. After taking Periwinkle Way and then CasaYbel as far as Pointe Santo, we sat in traffic so long waiting to get to the Tarpon Bay intersection, that we gave up and just stopped there. We walked out to the beach, where we hurriedly took a few photos and video. There weren't many people out, due to the chilly wind. I was in a short sleeve T and shorts, and didn't really get cold, but a sweatshirt would have been more comfortable.

There were some small shells in places and a lot of foam left from the waves.

Since the traffic was so heavy, we drove the Gulf Drives from Point Santo over to the east end of the island, instead of Periwinkle Way. At that point, we decided to make a stop at the fishing pier and check that beach for shells. After putting on a sweatshirt and getting halfway to the beach, it started lightly raining. It didn't really matter because there were no shells there anyway. I did see one fellow catch a small fish, which seemed to be the only action going on.

An Osprey standing guard on top the light pole.

Sanibel Causeway in the distance.

Osprey still on duty!

Sanibel Lighthouse and Osprey on a limb near a nest.

After waiting at the Periwinkle Way and Causeway Blvd intersection for about 15 minutes, while the traffic patrol kept motioning cars off island, I think you could say that the busy season is in full swing! :( If you have plans to leave the island for an appointment or for the airport, you had better factor in plenty of extra travel time.


Native Mom said...

That's weird. There was a red tailed hawk in my neighborhood this afternoon sitting on a light post just like this Osprey

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Hey, from experience, when Tootie says "factor in extra time" - you'd better factor in extra time!! Wishing we were there, despite the inclement weather!!

barb said...

I so enjoy your blog --- especially the pics -- looking at them I can feel the sand, smell the water and see the beautiful shells..