Monday, January 25, 2010

Windy Sanibel Monday

Do you know which of the West Gulf Drive, resident accesses this is? If you aren't sure, you'll find out below.

Due to another cold front passing through, the temperature got down to 59 last night and we got a little over a 1/4" of rain in the early morning. Luckily the rest of the day was sunny and 68.

This afternoon at resident access 5 on West Gulf Drive, I took a photo to show the fallen leaves. However, I didn't pick a very good spot. Lots of leaves have fallen from some of the trees, bushes and flowers, because of the near freezing temperatures we had recently. Some bushes and flowers are completely bare now.

On the walk out to the beach, you could hear the waves crashing.

The water looked brown, with sand the waves were stirring up.

There were very few people on the beach. The waves were around 5 to 7 feet today. It was very windy and even though the sun was shining, it felt chilly. There were beach umbrellas being used for a wind break, as people sat behind them in the sun. I'm surprised they could keep the umbrellas from blowing away, from wind gusts up to 22 mph.

After walking a while and not really seeing much to pick up, we decided to drive out to Blind Pass to see if there were shells coming in there.

There were some people at Turner Beach, digging through the old shell pile that's been there for a while.

There were also a couple of people standing out in the water, watching as the waves washed away shells from the old pile. It didn't look as though anything new was coming in. In the 20 minutes I watched, I only saw one of the people who were digging, pick up one small shell. the two ladies in the water, picked up only one and threw it back down again. A man walking past those ladies, picked up a small one and kept it.

Gary walked up, looked down and picked up a small fan shell. So, I decided to dig for a few minutes. I chose the spot that's on the right side of this picture. I had only found 3 small augers, then got drenched by a big wave that splashed over me. After thinking of the cell phone in my pocket, I got up to check to see if it was wet. Luckily it was ok, even though that sweatshirt pocket was wet. You wouldn't believe how many cell phones get ruined this way. I've already lost two myself. I know what you're thinking, but there's something about a pile of shells that just makes you forget everything else.

In the distance you can see two kite boarders with their kites laying on the beach, as they were packing them up. There were only a couple of people out in the water with surf boards.

After getting all wet, and being disappointed with the shelling, I was ready to leave.

On the way home, made a stop at Bailey's to get a couple of things, and thought I would show you the new Coffee Bar they have now. It's right in the front of the store, before the bakery area. Now you West Gulf renters, may not have to drive as far, for your morning coffee boost.


ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

Thanks for the info on the new Coffee Bar at Bailey's,can't wait to try it. I love the photo's with the shell pile,we havent seen one like that in about a year.

Jeanne said...

I am so excited to try this out!!!! Shellsea is also :) Do they make Cafe Mocha, non fat with whip and half syrup :) hehe

Wow those waves were crashing loud today....hopefully they will bring in some treasures for some visitors next week :)