Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Warm Sanibel Saturday

Despite the sun's struggle to get through the fog again this morning, temperatures this afternoon managed to make it to 79 degrees. During the early afternoon, I walked out onto the beach from resident access 6, on West Gulf Dr. I looked in both directions and in the distance it looked like there was still some fog. It may have been sea spray in the air from the large waves, but there really wasn't any wind, only a slight SSE breeze. The waves were pretty big, but they were far between and the sound they made was relaxing. There were areas with shells, areas with only sand, and in other places the were only shell crumbs. I only picked up 4 small orange scallops and two augers. The warm temperature made it nice walking barefoot on the beach. The first time I got my feet in the chilly sea water, it took my breath away. After getting over that first shock, it didn't feel too cold anymore. I sure wouldn't want to get any more than my feet wet. :) After walking a little over two miles, I was getting hot and sweaty. This was an absolutely perfect winter day. It was obvious that everyone else on the beach thought so too.

Watching the waves, was very hypnotic. If I had brought my beach chair, I could have slept the afternoon away. :)

Two Osprey were sitting on this tree, when one flew away. On the way back, I saw it return to the nest with a fish.

There's just something beautiful about a sailboat passing by.

Just west of access 7, the little birds were running back and forth trying to find something to eat, but not get caught in the waves.

Just before we left, the dolphins were very entertaining too.


sue in mexico mo said...

Thanks you for taking me on a beach walk. I needed that today.

Traci Keriazakos said...

HI! Thanks for stopping by my blog "Wildflowers and Whimsey". I saved your blog in my favs so I have a place to come and get my Sanibel fix. You are so very blessed to live there. Someday, I am hoping, I will live down there also. It is my favorite place in the world, so far! My boys and my husband all really enjoyed our visit down there last week! I can't wait to get back there!

Kathi said...

I love visiting your blog! Your photos and videos take me right there! I used one of your photos to make a little beach scene for my dollhouse. Thank you!