Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Traded Sanibel Beach Time For Shopping

The temperature was down to 53 last night and got up to 65 today, which felt a little cool to me. I didn't get any beach time today; made a trip over the water to do shopping instead. I might add that it wasn't a great trade either. The traffic in Ft Myers was worse than here.

There were only a few people on the causeway islands fishing and not many boats on the water either. It was one of those days when the water and sky colors are beautiful! I just never get tired of going back and forth via the causeway, one of the best views in the world. :)

Waited at the first light for this little rig to cross. I hadn't seen one just like that before. I'm thinking I may need one of those. :) I could take someone with me to help pedal, with 4 wheels it shouldn't fall over as easily and if it did, I'd be closer to the ground. There was also a large basket in the back to haul things in.

Coming back across the causeway.


Gayle said...

How far across the causeway? Maybe you get yourself a waverunner to zing across on and have a friend pick you up to go to the store. Sounds adventurous. Beautiful shots, Tootie. Thanks for warming my world.

Tootie said...

Gayle, it's about 3 miles across. I think it would be fun to zing across on a waverunner. :)

Maria Vincent said...

Hi Toots - regarding Wednesday's post - do the authorities have any idea how long the wildlife will suffer because of the cold spell? Will things get back to normal quickly when the sea warms up or will the problem continue for longer? I hate it when the wildlife suffers - are you seeing more birds on the beach now? Thank you for keeping us all informed, I've got my fingers crossed for warmer weather!

Tootie said...

Maria, it seems to me, all the birds are back. The water has warmed up a little and there doesn't seem to be as many dead fish around. I'm sure some were in a weakened state from the cold, and there may be more losses because of that. But I think the worst is over.

Maria Vincent said...

Thanks Tootie - I'm glad things are warming up for you and the wildlife now. I don't know what I would do without your fantastic link to my favourite place - you have given me so many ideas of places to visit and restaurants to eat at! It keeps me sane through the English winter. I have 9 weeks to go now until I have my week in paradise and I just can't wait!