Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sanibel's Only Crocodile

It is correct. :( I found this in my email today:

Ding Darling Refuge and SCCF Honor the Crocodile

On Tuesday, January 26, our one and only saltwater crocodile on the island was found dead on the East River Trail at SCCF, possibly a victim of the lengthy cold of January.

There will be a gathering in her honor on the SCCF porch on Thursday, February 4 at 3 p.m.. Bring your crocodile stories and toast her with a glass of Gatorade.

In her 25 years plus on Sanibel, she helped define our community as one dedicated to living with wildlife, even the big, beautiful, scary ones. She was unique in her 11-foot length (large for a female) and the northernmost of her species in Florida. Her guess-timate age was 40 - 60 years.

Her stories will always be told at SCCF and the Refuge. A plaque will mark her final resting place on East River Trail. Please e-mail your crocodile pictures to Dee (

She was the subject of a favorite Sanibel story that will never end.

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Native Mom said...

I'm sure the Old Lady Croc of Sanibel will be fondly honored and remembered this week. Thanks for sharing the news.