Wednesday, January 27, 2010

History and Sad News

This afternoon we went to the Sanibel Historical Museum and Village at 950 Dunlop Rd. This little village is a tribute to the island's past, from the 1880s through the 1940s. There are eight original buildings that have been moved to this spot and one building that is a replica of an original. The buildings have been restored to their original look.

The sign says open, but it wasn't open while we were there today. The hours are 10 - 1 Wednesday through Saturday, May through Mid-August. November through April (during season) 10 - 4 Wednesday through Saturday. Closed on holidays. Admission is $5 per adult. Volunteer docents guide visitors through the village during open hours. I have heard that many of them can tell you some interesting stories and facts about the island. I want to go back again soon.

I took some photos through a few windows to give you an idea of how the buildings have been furnished as they would have been at that time.

Looking from the back of the Rutland house. You can see a small part of the garden that is planted there.

Looking at the back of Rutland house.

Looking toward the Rutland house, over the garden.

This is the replica of the Packing House.

Will Reed, Sanibel postmaster from 1895 to 1940.

Small building on the left is a garage where Bailey's old delivery truck is parked.

Bailey's General Store, built after the 1926 hurricane.

In case you are wondering; there are facilities available. :)

Today I found a comment for my blog post about Wilma the crocodile, the island's one and only. It stated that it had been reported by a "Ding" ranger, she died this week due to recent cold snap. I didn't know who the person was that made the comment and I didn't want to post it without verification. Thank you, whoever you are, for leaving that information.
Since that time I've been checking around and read there was news from Ding Darling Wildlife Refuge, that the American Crocodile was found dead on a secluded spot on the bank of the Sanibel River. Sad, but I'm convinced it is true, since I have it from two different sources, even though that wasn't official. I'm sure there will be more about this story later. :(


Anonymous said...

OMG!! {{{{{{{Wilma}}}}}}}How sad!!

gpc said...

One of Sanibel's treasures. It really is sad.