Friday, January 22, 2010

A Foggy Sanibel Morning

Low temperature last night was 60 degrees, the high today 74. This morning we had dense fog. After breakfast at Jerry's, before 6:30 AM, drove over to the boat ramp next to the causeway around 7:20. I could see just a little of the causeway that was next to the parking area; from there on, nothing at all.

On the left side of this photo, you can barely see the causeway.

Looking south toward the lighthouse, where you can usually see the headlamp blinking.

I thought I could see a line that might be the causeway.

Next stop was Lighthouse Beach. The picture below was taken on a boardwalk to the beach, where I usually take a photo of the lighthouse. I couldn't see it today.

Looking in the easterly direction.

Lots of different types of birds on the beach. I'm thinking they must have been grounded due to fog. :)

It was pretty chilly out and of course, very damp, but after I found one mac n cheese, I thought it was a good day!

I looked through some shells in a few places and found several tiny shells to carry away. I would like to have looked more, but after only 15 minutes, my hair was dripping wet and I was getting chilly, so I gave up the search. There will be shells another day.

I have to admit that these shells looked better on the beach. :)

I looked out when it was time for the sun to set and this was it, for today.


sue in mexico mo said...

What were you doing up so early? Or were you still up?

barb said...

We had fog in St. Louis as well -- but it was also 30 degrees ... wish I was in Sanibel. Hope to see you soon.

Gayle said...

I was thinking the same thing as Sue...why are you up at that horrible hour? I mean, I am up because I have kids I have to get to school, but why do you get up? You must be a morning person. The fog is kind of creepy. I would have gotten spooked 'cause I'm a boob like that.

bobbie said...

Your pictures are beautiful. I usually enjoy fog, but it it's cold as well, I can do without it.

Deb said...

wish I was there, fog or no fog. :)