Thursday, January 21, 2010

Captiva on Thursday

We had another beautiful, sunny day here. It was a little cool last night, at 61 degrees, but today it warmed up to 68 and was very pleasant.

This evening we went for a drive out to Blind Pass to meet, good friend Tink R Bell, who wanted to introduce her visiting friend from New York. They had found some nice shells on the Captiva side of the pass, among them were three perfect fan shells. I had some fan shell envy going on. :)

I could see shells on the Sanibel side of the pass too. I saw several people walking on that beach, picking them up.

Walking across the bridge, from the Sanibel Parking lot, the wind felt a little chilly. We didn't stay on the beach very long because it was getting cooler, as the sun was dropping.

After leaving the beach, the four of us met at Tween Waters Crows Nest for a drink and a little more talk.

There are now rocks placed all the way to the bridge from the rock jetty. There is nowhere to look for shells there anymore.

There are some new plantings on each side of the bridge now.

In the center of this photo, you see Tink and friend, very happy to see us.

Some ladies busy digging for treasure.

It was getting too cold, and it was time to leave!

It is Tink R in her beach attire and equipment.

This is the sunset. :( But, it was a pretty blue and pink color. :)Just before getting back to Sanibel, looking back, you could see the sky was a darker red and purple color, which would have been a much nicer picture.


Gayle said...

Love the sounds of the surf. So glad it is getting warmer. Glad Tink made it to Sanibel for some fun.

Kahshe Cottager said...

I don't know if my earlier comment was lost in cyberspace or not ... the connection was lost as I was posting it. I was professing weather-envy as it has been quite cold here!

Kathi said...

The sound of the waves and the diamonds on the water brought tears to my eyes this morning...
do you think I'm homesick? I do!