Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Sanibel Visitors

This afternoon was spent going overseas to pick up my deceased computer. Thankfully they were able to retrieve everything off my hard drive and put it on another. So, now I will be able to get all my familiar things moved to my new computer.

We made one other stop, and that was at Five Guys Burgers and Fries. If you are on your way out to the island, you might want to make a stop there. It is on the right side of Summerlin, just before you pass Bass Rd. The food is very good.

By the way, the beautification on the way to the island on Summerlin is still continuing, but looks to be nearly complete. You will be amazed the next time you come here. There are nearly continuous trees along the sides of the road, as well as in the median. It will be beautiful when it's complete. Now the plantings have also begun on the causeway islands. Some large palms are already in place and there are piles of palms and other trees waiting to be planted. Trees are also being planted on Sanibel between the new bridge and the boat ramp.

Coming back across the Sanibel Causeway, I once again thought how beautiful the view is, as you get to the highest point of the first bridge. It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day, with calm water and a nice breeze. To top all that off, I was able to watch the sunset while returning.

I went to The Island Cow at six this evening, to meet Nancy, (you may know her as Snowbird), who lives here and whose blog you may also visit. Also two other ladies that are here on vacation. They both are regular readers of this blog. Gail, who I had become a friend with online, several years ago, and met in person last year. Barb, I just met, and she is a very nice lady who I now also call friend.

Thanks again for all the nice comments! It's nice knowing I was missed. :-)


Don said...

Glad to have you back. I missed my daily visit to Sanibel.

Also glad you were able to recover your data. Computer failures are a real pain. I just went through one myself.

Glad to hear that there is a Five Guys on the way to the island. We have a Five Guys near our house in Indy and I love their cheeseburgers. They are not as good as Chee'burger Chee'burger, but they are good.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Looks like you all had a great time!!

ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

You were very missed Tootie.Even our kids missed your blogs. Thanks for the beautiful photo's,we can't wait to see what they have done to Summerlin Rd in person.Just a few more weeks.Glad the computer store was able to transfer everything for you also :)

2to4aday said...

Glad to have you back--I hope you don't disapppear for so long again. Makes me homesick for Sanibel . . .