Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday Sanibel Beach Report

We've had another perfect, sunny, Sanibel Day. There were blue skies with white swirled clouds. The humidity was lower, and is 66% now. The temperature last night got down to 68 with the high today 81. There is wind from the northeast that will, hopefully, blow the Red Tide back out to sea. It just doesn't get much better than that!

This afternoon it was time for some off-island shopping. I was surprised to see even more new trees planted along Summerlin. The roadway to the Sanibel Causeway will be looking beautiful, very soon.

The biggest surprise was certainly 'Blog Worthy'. I couldn't believe my eyes! The street that leads to our nearest Publix, at Sanibel Beach Walk, has Christmas deco up already.

Coming back on the Sanibel Causeway, just as we reached the highest point, I could see LOTS of windsurfers and kiteboarders in the bay, having a great time. There were also some in the Sanibel Lighthouse area. The bright colors of the sails and kites is really something to see.

The only unpleasant thing on the island now, is the amount of traffic. I could go on and on, but it's just the beginning of 'that time of year'. The way I see it, if you want to live in such a beautiful place, you just have to realize that there are many others who also love it and want to spend some time here. Mmm, hmm, that's what I keep telling myself. :-) If you are on the island, you will need to watch closely to avoid accidents. I've already seen people driving right through four-way stops without stopping or even looking, one car on the multi-use path (no, I don't think that's why it's called multi-use.), fast braking as someone nearly missed the turn into the Island Cow, bicycles going every which way, among other things. We should all say a prayer for the traffic cops who dare to stand in the middle of our Sanibel intersections directing traffic. The traffic as you approach the island is also bad now. Today on the way back to the island, as we sat at a red light that had been red for several seconds, an older fella just blew right through it. Luckily the other cars slowed as he went through. At the toll booth, entering the Sanibel Causeway, you can go through the fast pass lane if you have a transponder which is supposed to be permanently attached to the inside of your windshield, so that it can be read electronically. The transponder can be read as you travel through, without stopping. The line of cars is usually going through at an average speed of around 25 miles an hour. Today, right in front of us, a little man was driving along about that speed, when he slammed his brakes on, and nearly came to a dead stop as he reached down to grab his transponder. He then held it up to the windshield and put it back down again, before going on through. And, it wasn't like it was something new to this person, not with a license plate that read, CAPTIVA. Seems like he may have passed over this causeway a time or two. :-) Just keep your eyes wide-open, be safe and watch for humorous things to write home about.

For those of you with a trip to the island coming up soon, here's today's beach report.

The City of Sanibel's Department of Natural Resources inspected Sanibel beaches this morning, Thursday, November 5, 2009. The field report is below:

From the east end of Sanibel Island:

Lighthouse Park
No new dead fish have washed ashore. No respiratory symptoms (sore throat, shortness of breath, coughing) that are normally associated with red tide outbreaks were noted. On the bay side of the park, small numbers of dead fish that washed ashore earlier this week remain in the upper wrack line.

Between Lighthouse Park and Gulfside Park
No new dead fish have washed ashore and no respiratory irritation was noted at any location.

Tarpon Bay Road Beach
No evidence of red tide was observed from Tarpon Bay Beach access to West Gulf Access 1.

West Gulf Drive Beach Access No. 7
Small numbers of dead fish that washed ashore earlier this week still remain in the upper wrack line.

Bowman's Beach west to Blind Pass
At Bowman's Beach west to Blind Pass, no new dead fish have washed ashore. No respiratory irritation was noted at any location.

Northeast winds forecast for the next several days may help to minimize the impacts of the red tide bloom on the island beaches.

For questions regarding today's beach field report, please contact the City of Sanibel Natural Resources Department at (239) 472- 3700.


Snowbird said...

I love your description of "that time of the year". I want a bumper sticker that either says "Some of us live here" or "Not all of us are on vacation." I just remember the poem I saw in the paper a couple of years ago entitled "Things I Think About When Waiting to Turn Left on Periwinkle Way".

Gayle said...

I also live in a tourist state and understand your frustration, but I also realize what a huge part of our economy they are. Maybe tourists should have to park and ride the bus anywhere they go!

Our Vanilla Life said...

This weather has been glorious,hasn't it?
We absolutley love our Sunpass!!!
And I'm sure a 'certain someone' isn't looking forward to the annual arrival of visitors from "up North."

Georgianne said...

Love it here, but we have been hacking and coughing for days, especially since Ida passed by..sure you don't want to recheck those red tide reports? Have seasonal place on West Gulf