Monday, October 5, 2009

Beginning a New Sanibel Week

I guess the cold front has passed us now, because it got up to 90 today. It was also more humid again.

This afternoon, at Pointe Santo, off West Gulf Drive, it was very nice on the beach, because there was a strong breeze. There were some shells on the beach but they were pretty small, common shells and a lot of broken pieces. After looking at the photos, you'll see that there were more shore birds than people, which was nice for me, and for the birds. :-)

There's a little surprise in this photo. Can you spot it? Now where do you that this floated in from?


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Oh so beautiful!! And so peaceful!! OMG! Can I really wait 4 more days???

Kathi said...

I thought it might be an olive shell at first, but no, it's a peanut! How funny.
Sure wish I could live in such a wonderful place. There ain't nothin' like this in central Alabama!