Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sanibel Sunday Sunset

Very early this morning, during the night actually, we had quite a downpour of rain. There was water standing in deep puddles this morning. It seemed to me, that it was a little cooler today and this evening there was a wonderful seabreeze and a little bit lower humidity.

It was a perfect evening to drive out to causeway and watch the sunset. There were aleady a lot of cars on spoil island B, so we continued on to island A. There were also several cars there, also enjoying the view. That is until a lone kiteboarder, took it upon himself to zip back and forth with his kite dipping up and down over the trees, people and cars. Maybe it was humorous to watch people ducking because they thought his kite was going to hit them. I assume that he thought, we should be honored by his performance, such as it was, when all we wanted to do was watch the peaceful setting of the sun. Now I ask you, with a whole ocean out there, why would this person choose to use a short strip of water where 4 vehicles were parked and folks standing, camera in hand, looking at the sunset. Instead of continuing on his merry way, he would just keep turning and going back and forth directly in front of them. Normally it really is enjoyable to watch the kitboarders as they skim over the water, flying through the air and such. But, not this annoying guy. :-( Once again it just shows you that it takes all kinds to make a world.

That aside, the sunset was beautiful, even though it was difficult getting photos without 'kite guy' in them. :-)

Look carefully and you can see 'kite guy's' kite behind the palm tree, as he was preparing to take off. Looking toward Ft Myers.

Looking across the road, toward the Sanibel Lighthouse.

The cloud that looked like a Helmet Crab. (And 'kite guy's' kite. Grrrr!)

The sun as it is sinking behind the island of Captiva.

Best watched in HD on YouTube by clicking on the screen below.


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Thanks for posting these pics. Makes me feel a little closer to home even though I live close to the beach in Africa.