Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sanibel Sunday Celebration

Last night, there wasn't a nice sunset view, from a window in the Crow's Nest on Captiva Island; this is what we saw.

There was water standing in the entrance, along with more threatening clouds moving in. While having dinner there with friends, we watched as heavy rain and wind came and went.

This afternoon we celebrated the return of the Snowbird's, now renamed, the Sunbirds. They are making Sanibel their full time home now. There will be no more migrating for them.

We were well taken care of at the Sanibel Cafe, which is a great place for a meal and also a cool place for a 'Welcome Home' party. As always, we were made to feel like we were special customers.

This sign seemed to be very appropriate for the occasion.
After lunch, our celebration continued as we moved on to the West Wind Inn for a cool tropical drink. It was very hot today and after a short time, the noseeums started bothering us, so we moved on to a cooler place, indoors. Next stop, The Sanibel Grill, where iced tea was consumed by most of us along with a little appetizer of Grouper Bites and Mozzarella Sticks. It was a fun afternoon and it was great seeing the 'Sunbirds' back here again.

Before going home, we drove over to West Gulf Drive and walked out to the beach, by way of resident access #4 at Mitchell's. I was hoping to meet a lady who is one of my Blog Followers, that is staying there this week. But, no such luck!

It had been sunny all day, but there were a lot of clouds to look at on the way home. We did get a little more rain, late this evening.


Gayle said...

I see on the morning news that Florida is really getting dumped on. Glad you were able to enjoy the weekend despite the wetness.

RottenMom said...

Yeah! You have 100 Followers! Thanks for all of your posts and pictures!