Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Had to make a drive off-island this afternoon. The sky was a bright blue with some fluffy white clouds. The water was very calm. There were only a few people fishing on the spoil islands today. It's really peaceful around here now, in any direction you look. I love it!

There are still a lot of cabbage palms being planted on Summerlin.

This evening, at resident access 2 off of West Gulf Drive, the Beach was deserted except for one guy fishing and one beach umbrella near Mitchell's.

There were some small shells.

There were also lots of mangrove seed pods.

After leaving the beach, the rain clouds moved over the island again.

After the rain stopped, this was the scene from Pointe Santo beach just as the sun went down. You could still see some rain falling, way over in the west.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Another beauty! Seventeen days and counting!!

Gayle said...

I notice there are never hoardes of people fishing. Is the fishing good and not many do it, or is it so-so? I love fishing, but to do well in my area you have to go out in the boat and I don't take it without hubby so I never fish! Would love to just walk to the beach and catch something.