Friday, September 11, 2009

Another Rainy Afternoon

This afternoon the rain clouds were upon us, once again. It rained off and on until late tonight. It seemed very humid and hot, when I was outside, between showers. The humidity was near 90% and the temperature was also in that range. There is a good chance we will have thunder storms again tomorrow.

I spent the afternoon at Pointe Santo de Sanibel, doing a few things for a friend who owns condos there. While it was hot and humid outside, I was nice and cool, while I had this beautiful view. This is what you see from the kitchen, living room and bedroom of condo 6 in E building. If you are coming to the island and are still searching for accommodation; this location is hard to beat. I have a link in my sidebar to Stevenson's Sanibel Condos.

I walked out to the beach to see if any shells were coming in. The waves were fairly large, but I didn't see many shells. There were some small shells and broken pieces at the high tide line. The beach was nearly deserted. I only saw one person as I looked one way and a couple with a young child, as I looked in the other direction. I tried to take a video of the waves, but the noseeums found me and in just a few seconds, they sent me running back inside. They are really bad, because we've had so much rain lately.

All of their units are ground floor, walkouts that are just a few steps to the beach.

This is actually the view from the master bedroom.

Just at the edge of the grass, someone had dumped their rejects.

Met friends at McT's Shrimp House Tavern, tonight for dinner. They have a new menu for the Tavern now. I had the Fish Fry, which was a large serving, very crispy and yummy, with fries and slaw. The photo doesn't do it justice, but I would certainly give it a thumbs up! I'll go back for more of this. :-) I think the new manager is on the right track.

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Janice said...

Tootie, we're leaving tonight for our bit of heaven on earth (Sanibel) and we're so concerned about the rain going on down there.
Its not rain every day all day long is it? I saw on that the chances are from 40% to 60% every day!!
Is it more in the evenings with good mornings?
Please let me know!
I would love to meet you while I'm there. I could pass you on the beach and never know you! We're staying at Mitchells Sand Castles. I forgot what beach access # runs right beside Mitchells.
Email me at if you would to meet up on the beach or for lunch or something!
I absolutely love your blog; I read snippets to my husband all the time because he always asks me how I know all the info I know about the island!!
Take Care
Janice from GA