Monday, September 14, 2009

Another Monday In Paradise

I was at Pointe Santo de Sanibel, on West Gulf Drive again this afternoon. The tide was out and a few people were walking out on the sandbars, looking for shells. There were shells at the high tide line too, but nothing that looked interesting enough to entice me to walk very far searching. It is so nice on the beach, or anywhere on the island, becauses it's so quiet here now. I know it makes it bad for buisinesses, but it's very nice for the residents.

The video was taken directly in front of the E building.

Went off island for a little shopping this evening. The sky was beautiful. There were very few people on the causeway islands, only a few fishermen. I'm sure they are enjoying the lack of competition.

On the way back the sun was going down, ending another day in paradise.


snow4debndoug said...

Hey, tootie will be on sanibel with my wife and family @ pointe santo next week for a week. Maybe we'll see you, read you all the time and hope to retire to sanibel in the future. Have been to sanibel 7 times already and love it. Doug

Anonymous said...

Tootie, you are the best!! Makes me feel like I am there. Also, you are a VERY good photogapher, I consider myself one that can see great pictures when no one else can, you for sure have the same gift. Take care. Sanibelsunny's husband

Deb said...

We are thinking of coming to the island the week after Christmas, can you give me any details about how busy it is at that time? There is no doubt, Sanibel is in our blood. :) I can send you my email address if that would be easier. Thanks. I love reading your blog, it keeps me there.

The pale observer said...

Hi Tootie (love the name - reminds me of a 70's TV show I adored called The Facts of Life!)

Great pics. Definitely looks like you are in paradise. Though I live near a beach with palm trees all around - I wouldn't call it paradise!

Nice to have found your blog! It's great.

Holli in Ghana

Tootie said...

First of all....THANKS to all of you for your kind words.

Doug, I'll be watching for you and your family if I'm at Pointe Santo. :-)

Alan, I really can't take credit for being a photographer, I think it's all in the scenery. :-)But, I thank you anyway.

Deb, it seems to me that since I've lived here, it was VERY quiet the week of Christmas, but it picked up some the week after. It still didn't seem that crowded to me. That sure would be a great Christmas gift. :-)

Holli...WOW, I don't know how you found me, but I'm glad you did. Your blog is VERY interesting. I'll be visiting there often. :-)