Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wednesday Clouds

Today the temperature got up to 93 again, but it didn't seem quite as hot to me, I think because of wind associated with the clouds that passed over off and on during the day.

This evening, while driving south on Tarpon Bay Rd, on the way to the beach, this is what happened.

The clouds looked much worse than the really were. In just a few minutes, the rain shower was over. Walking out to the beach from West Gulf Drive on the path at resident access 2, I could hear some distant thunder and wished that I had carried my umbrella along. When I looked out across the water, I was really worried. I could see rain coming down, in the direction of Ft Myers Beach. But even if I had to make a run back, just getting to see the clouds was a treat.

There were not many shells on the lower part of the beach at all, and nothing much worthwhile to look through at the hightide line either. But, it certainly wasn't a wasted trip for me. I love the Florida clouds.

The water looked really green today. You can tell it more in the photos, than the video for some reason. Maybe it was because of the clouds and the way the light was shining on the water???

Best watched in HD on YouTube by clicking on the screen below.

After leaving the beach, it was still early enough to drive over the Sanibel Causeway to do some grocery shopping. Viewing clouds from there was fantastic!

Even with all of those threatening looking clouds, we got less than a 1/4" of rain on the east end of Sanibel.

Those of you who don't live here, have probably not had the opportunity to hear about this 'Fish Tale' that really isn't a tale at all. A Marco Island lady was out in her deck boat, when a bottlenose dolphin jumped in. It's quite a story, one I'm sure she'll be telling for a long time.


Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Hi there!! I'm just getting caught up on weeks of blog reading! We've had a very hectic, emotional summer. My FIL passed away about 2 weeks ago, and his illness pretty much occupied the entire summer for us. Thankfully he didn't suffer long. Anyway - we are on countdown now!! Only 2 months until October 10th!!! Yippee!! We really NEED some island time!! School starts on Monday, so I'm sure the weeks will go quickly! Beach time, coming soon!!

Notloc10 said...


How do I contact you:

Tootie said...

Notloc10...just send email to

Tootie said...

Scrap Cat, Sorry to hear of your families loss. Time on the beach is what you need, for sure. Won't be long now.

Lori Scott said...

My grandmother who raised me passed away three weeks ago today. This has been a tremendous loss for me. We are coming to Sanibel for two weeks in September, and I really am looking forward to Island Time.