Thursday, August 13, 2009

Thursday Afternoon and Sanibel Beach

Friends sharing photos, once again.

We had pretty heavy rain this morning. By afternoon it was sunny and our friends headed for the beach at Resident Access 6 off West Gulf Drive.

They were having a nice time, watching the birds, fishing and simply relaxing under the shade of the beach umbrella.

They hadn't been there long when clouds started coming in that direction.

Several dark clouds passed by, as they sat watching. It is amazing to watch the rain coming down from those clouds that seem so near. But, while they watched, one came from behind and caught them by surprise. They stood under the umbrella for about 10 minutes, holding onto it, keeping it from blowing away. The photo below was taken just after the cloud passed over.

Remember the Jolly Roger kite photo from yesterday? After that wind and rain had passed, all that was left of it, was this.

The string went all the way to West Gulf Drive and beyond, until a car drove down the street, caught the string and broke it. Finally after looking on the other side of the street, the kite was spotted in a tall tree. After lots of jerking, the kite took flight again for a moment, then landed in another tree. After more coaxing, and thinking it was not coming down, the kite finally floated down to the ground. Jolly Roger was saved to fly again another day!

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