Thursday, July 16, 2009

Thursday Airport Trip

This morning Grandson #1 spent time on the beach today, before he had to leave. Daughter #3 and I spent the day doing a little shopping & had lunch at the Twilight Cafe. Late afternoon, their bags were packed and waiting by the door. At 4:00 Daughter #2 came by, while Grand Daughter #2 was at a tennis lesson, to tell them goodbye.

At 4:30 we were en route to the airport. Crossing the causeway we were all busy looking at the water and beautiful fluffy white clouds. I know the departing two were feeling sad that they had to leave and I was too. Their twelve days went by, way to fast!

In four more days the rest of the kids will be going home too. They will all be busy when they get back home and school will be starting again soon. It will be way too quiet here, and a big change. The first Grandchild came on June 2 and there have been 8 visitors through that time, until July 20. It will be a while before I get back to a normal routine again.

I want to share one more of the kids dolphin photos with you. This one seemed to be smiling at them. :-)


Jeanne said...

I was sad reading about the drive to the airport :( The summer is passing by so quickly! It was great meeting #3, she is a gem....and what cute Grandkids!

Savor the last days :) then rest up my friend.


Gayle said...

Looks like a beautiful (yet sad) drive over the causeway. Sorry, the vacations are coming to an end.

Kathi said...

Again, gorgeous photos! I love the dolphin smile! I know you'll be sad to see them all leave but what a wonderful time you've had! Thanks for sharing your summer here!

Snowbird said...

The sad lane is always a hard one to drive whether it is you or someone you love driving it.