Friday, July 3, 2009

Sanibel....Day Before the Fourth

Most of the day was spent cleaning in preparation for two additional visitors tomorrow. We will go to the Southwest Florida International Airport early in the morning to pick them up. Then rush back to the island, with hope of having enough time to get the vehicle decorated quickly, before time for the Road Ralley. We need to register for that before noon.

We drove over the causeway to the car wash, after having lunch at the Hungry Heron. There were quite a few people on those islands, but I imagine this weekend it will be very crowded. Those spoil islands are also provide a great place to watch the fireworks tomorrow night.

This evening we visited the beach in front of Pointe Santo de Sanibel. The temperature got up to 88 today and the gulf is a refreshing 87 now. There was quite a bit of seaweed on the beach, but I didn't notice any foul smell.

Best viewed in HD on YouTube by clicking on the screen below.

As the sun was setting, the sky was turning shades of orange and pink, making a great photo opportunity for those on the beach.

There were tidal pools and a lot of shells on the beach. But, it looked as though they had been picked through already. There wasn't time for shelling this evening anyway, but the girls took a few minutes to look through some small ones.

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Kathi said...

What a wonderful video! I feel like I'm right there and wish I was!
Was wondering if you could send me some tiny shells? I want to make a little shell framed mirror for my beach house dollhouse. I found one at a miniature store yesterday but it was $30! I know I can make one - IF I had the shells! Please email me if you would be willing to pick up some little ones for me!
I would be happy to send you a stamped self addressed envelope! I love your blog! I wish I could visit Sanibel again but it's just too far to drive from Alabama!
Blessings, Kathi