Saturday, July 25, 2009

Lazy Saturday

After going to Sanibel Captiva Conservation Foundation for a volunteer, appreciation lunch, I spent the rest of the day being lazy. We had some needed rain this afternoon. This evening, after the rain had ended, I drove out to the Sanibel Causeway to watch the sunset.

I could see rain coming down from the clouds, as I looked North.

Clouds over the lighthouse and eastern tip of Sanibel.

There was a very wide rainbow in Ft Myers, over the tall buildings that you can see in this photo.


Tammy said...

I just love the Gulf...I'm planning an anniversary trip to Destin for Sept. These pictures make me want to be there now!

Have a blessed day!

Kathi said...

Absolutely beautiful photos! I can't believe that you are able to experience this first hand everyday! I am SO jealous!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful world with us!

Caroline said...

I just stumbled across your blog, what a treat!
We have come to Sanibel several times, on a brief retreat from a South Dakota winter, wishing it could be an every year thing. Your pictures are a return trip.

Melli said...

Mmmm... absolutely beautiful! That TOP picture is glorious!

Gallicissa said...

I too like the top most picture - rather dramatic! It was nice of you to drop by in my blog. You seem to be enjoying island living. I certainly do.

Turquoise Diaries said...

Watching a beautiful sunset!!!! I dont call it a lazy day but a lovely day..

Rusty in Miami said...

I found your blog, one week before I am due to come to Sanibel for my yearly two weeks vacation in paradise. You live in my all time favorite place on earth and some day I hope to retire there like you. Great blog and keep writing