Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding Couple, Manatee Grass & Turtle Tracks

It was sunny and 87 degrees today with a SE wind to keep us cool. We went to West Gulf Drive this evening and out onto the beach at resident access 6. Grand Daughter still thinks it's a little freaky the way the lizards scamper back and forth in front of you as you walk out the path. :-) There was more Manatee Grass on the beach this evening and also a little in the water, in a couple places. It didn't smell and it didn't keep us from looking for shells. The heaviest part of it was left at the high tide line and in a few places at the shore line.

When we walked out onto the beach, we noticed a couple of new turtle nests. So, we
walked closer to show them to Grand Daughter and saw the turtle tracks were still there. You could see the tracks coming up to both of the nests and going back to the water.

There was a bride and groom just down the beach from us, having photographs taken. It was such a shame that the beach had a back drop of Manatee Grass and to top it all off, there really wasn't a nice sunset for the photos either. I'm sure the pastel colored sky will look very pretty anyway, so I hope they weren't too disappointed.

I didn't see many shells that I was interested in, but I did find one nice periwinkle, a couple of small orange scallops. As we were leaving, I found a perfect, small fan shell that was way up in the high tide line. It was laying in the midst of a huge area of old shells that had been there for several weeks. I just looked down, and there it was. That made my day!

Best viewed in HD on You Tube by clicking the screen below.


Jeanne said...

You are a fan magnet....I found two while I was there and got so excited....and thought of you.

Pam said...

Wow, I'd be thrilled to find one orange scallop, much less two of them. The only ones I've ever found were badly broken. Lucky you! I'm not familiar with what a fan shell is, but it's great that you happened on a perfect one. My finds were almost all very tiny, but that's what I look for, so I was happy after my day of shelling on Sanibel.

Vicki ~ FL said...

Tootie, you live in a great place for shelling. Haven't been down there in a couple of years and will probably be going in the next few weeks. I have been seeing the Manatee Grass here also but didn't know that's what it was until I read your blog. It's great that you're a turtle walker and looks for nests. The turtle I posted was from Juno Beach ~ they have so many more sightings of turtles on that coast than over here. It's great to meed another turtle monster;-) Great blog BTW and thanks for visiting mine.