Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kites Over The Causeway & Bunche Beach

We had a nice rain this afternoon, lasting for well over an hour. There was enough rain to make the clay tennis courts at the Dunes too wet for Grand Daughter's lesson today. The girls stayed busy playing PS3 Rock Band, while I made a crossing to get some groceries.

Just as I started across the Sanibel Causeway, I could see lots of bright colored kites. Because of how the causeway curves, it looked as though they were drifting back and forth over the road, making a beautiful show. I tried taking photos, but just couldn't capture anywhere near all the kites I could see. I was very disappointed with my photos.

After I crossed the causeway, I drove just a little past the Publix and made a right turn on John Morris Road. By driving all the way to the end of this street, you will come to The San Carlos Bay / Bunche Beach Preserve.

There is a small white sand parking area and also a little beach area overlooking a natural tidal wetlands area that is located on San Carlos Bay. This 731 acres is a living ecosystem that ranges from a sandy beach to Mangrove forests to salt flats and contains a wide variety of wildlife. It's a great area for photographers. There are no facilities there. To read the history of this beach, how it got it's name, get directions etc. go to the Lee County website.

After taking a video (with lots of wind noise), I made my way on over to do my shopping at Publix, which was not nearly as enjoyable. :-)

On the way home, the spoil islands were pretty deserted as the sun was starting to get lower in the sky.


Deb said...

We were on Sanibel Island last week. We had a great time. Next time we come we will have to go to Bunche beach. Your pictures make me wish I was still there. It is hard to come home and go back to work. Hope you are having lots of fun with your grandkids.

Ransomed said...

Just discovered your BLOG - It's fantastic. We are on our way to Sanibel tomorrow morning - flight leaves Canton, OH at 05:45 Can't wait to get there. Wasn't planning to go until October. 1st grandchild born April 1st - can't go in October - my wife will be doing some babysitting in October. My daughter and her husband thought it would be to soon for them to join us next week in Sanibel. (Norah - a premi - is too small to travel). It will be great to follow your blog and keep in cyber-touch with Sanibel. Thanks!!!

Tommy Pryor said...

pretty and romantic photo, tootie, wish i was there, tommy