Saturday, May 9, 2009

Warm Sanibel Saturday

Last night when I looked outside, the sky looked very strange. I went out to get a better look and tried to take some pictures with my cell phone, with a 5 mgp camera. The last one was taken with a Canon PowerShot SX10 IS camera. None of them really show you how beautiful it was. There was a sky full of little fluffy clouds, in layers that were moving at different speeds with the full moon shining down, between them.

I was busy today and didn't get to the beach. Instead, had a very nice, late lunch at the Sanibel Cafe. Met friends from Indiana who are here to check on their Sanibel properties and a little R & R.

It was sunny and 89 degrees. It didn't seem that warm, if you were sitting in the shade because there was a cool breeze. The only time it seemed hot, was when you got into a vehicle. I'm sure it was perfect on the beach. I'm waiting for some shelling reports from friends later. :-)

ccr49 has a trip report going on her blog.

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Tink has a report of her day out on a Tarpon Bay Tour, on her blog.

You will have to enlarge these photos to get the full effect.

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Tommy Pryor said...

oh, tootie, these are beautiful and eerie, i love them, hope all is well, tommy