Friday, May 1, 2009

Sanibel's First Day of 2009 Sea ,Turtle Season

This afternoon at resident access 2, off West Gulf Drive, there were several people relaxing in the sun. It was sunny and 83 degrees with a cool westerly wind. The water was pretty clear, and there weren't many shells. There were a couple more things built on the beach with palm fronds again today. I hope the people will remove them. Today is the beginning of the 'Turtle Nesting Season'. Tuesday will be the morning I get to go on my first 'Turtle Walk'. I'm excited thinking that maybe this year, I will get to find a new nest, or better yet, get to see hatchlings scrambling toward the water. :-)

There are several yucca plants growing at access 2, just as you reach the beach. Today I noticed that most of the stalks had dried out from the ground up and had broken or rotted off. As I stood there looking at them, it caused another 'Hmmm' moment. I wonder if it's because there's been a lack of rain?
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Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Oh, I do hope you get to find a nest or see the hatchlings!! That would be sooooo neat!!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Hope you get to see a turtle nest, Tootie---and take pictures for all of us to see!!!


Terri said...

One of our fondest memories of Sanibel is when we were walking one morning and we found a sea turtle nest that was hatching. We immediately called it in and discovered a raccoon had gotten into the nest but the eggs were about to hatch. my son carried some of the hatchlings to the shoreline. We will never forget that morning.

Janice said...

Hi Tootie

I just discovered your blog today; kinda found it by just going from website to website looking around at Sanibel info.

I have been visiting Sanibel since 1977; I enjoy it so much; it renews my soul to come there each year. I have dreamed of retiring there for long time; still hoping!!

I love your photos; you are an excellent photographer!! I love your pictures of everything on and about the island!!

When we come in the fall, I would love to meet you and take you to lunch.
Email me at

Thanks for posting your life on Sanibel,
Janice from GA
(just another grandmother who loves Sanibel)

jarvisdana said...

What time of year do the little turles hatch??