Friday, May 22, 2009

Sanibel's Fantastic Friday Sunset

Very early this morning, before daylight, we had a thunderstorm with more needed rain fall. That cooled the temperature down to 71. It got up to 85 later today and was mostly sunny. The water temperature in the Gulf is 80 now.

This evening at resident access 3 off West Gulf Drive, I was surprised to see a turtle nest just as I walked onto the beach. Sadly, it had already been washed over by a higher than normal tide. Chances are, the eggs may not hatch now. You will notice the yellow ribbon that marks the nest, in a photo and at the beginning of one of the videos.

Clouds were gathering this evening just off the coast line and looked like billowing white smoke. In the west there were also some pretty clouds, making another fantastic sunset.

There were shells in spots, but most of what I saw were broken or well worn.

There was a plumeria blooming with bright yellow flowers, near the access. Many of the homeowners along West Gulf Drive, have beautiful landscaping.

Driving away from the beach, the setting sun was making the clouds in the east, have some pretty pink coloring.

Best viewed on YouTube in HD by clicking on the screen below.


Karan said... glad that you are getting the much needed rain! How does that affect you Sanibel Crawl?

Karan said...

Tootie....Whew!!! Now I'm happy...I just figured out how to post a comment! Sorry for the 3 yesterday...I was not sure you were getting it. I'm still starving for Sanibel!

Pam said...

There was good shelling on Lighthouse Beach late Friday afternoon, Tootie. I found 14 baby's ears, much to my delight and surprise. Love your blog and very much appreciate you shelling report.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Tootie, I love that Plumeria... Beautiful. Sorry about the turtle eggs...

I love seeing your sky/sun/clouds pictures. They are beautiful.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Tootie said...

WOW Pam, you must have a good eye for those Baby Ears. :-)

Karan, when it rains, you just stay inside or under an umbrella. We don't go every weekend anyway.

Love your Friday Fantastic Sanibel Sunset report........I get my Sanibel "fix" by reading your blog almost every day!
What is the beach access # that is next to Mitchell's Sandcastles on West Gulf Drive? As many times as I have stayed there I should know the Beach Access #..........