Sunday, May 3, 2009

Sanibel Slacker Sunday

After a call in the early afternoon, from Ms Tink R Bell, plans were made to have a late lunch with her. We drove out to Captiva to 'The Oasis' pool bar at Tween Waters Inn. The place was very crowded at first, but we quickly found a table where we could sit in partial shade to enjoy our lunch and the nice cool breeze.

Some mobile blogging was going on, while waiting for the food to arrive.

Ms Bell had a Cajun Grouper Salad, that definitely got a thumbs up, as did the Cheeseburger and Grilled Ham & Cheese sandwiches. We also were well taken care of by our server, Miss Gina.

After the leisurely lunch we strolled out to take a look on the Bay side of Tween Waters near the marina.

While standing by the water, we noticed a sail boat that was a temporary resting place for several pelicans and a few other birds. I'm thinking that someone will have a big job, scrubbing that deck. :-(

On the way back to Sanibel, I took one quick photo out of the window as we went over the bridge at Blind Pass. It looks like most of the sand is out of the containment cell now and they have taken down some of the cell walls.

We were told by some friends that the one and only crocodile, which is an island resident, had laid some eggs yesterday. We stopped by that location to take a photo of her, but she was nowhere in sight. :-) I've heard that she lays eggs each spring, but since there is no male crocodile on island, they aren't fertilized. When she realizes her eggs are not hatching, she steals baby alligators to care for. After she takes them and later decides they are not croc babies, she takes them back again. Kind of strange and sad, huh?

We made a stop at the West Wind Inn on West Gulf Drive, for an adult beverage and the beautiful scenery. Because today was another sunny beach day, 82 degrees with a 15 knot seabreeze. The water temperature is now a warm 80 degrees. We took a walk out to the beach, before leaving. There were several people looking for shells, but it didn't look like they were having much luck.

You've heard of 'crop circles', right? Could this be 'Beach Circles'?

Best viewed in HD on YouTube, by clicking screen below.


Melli said...

OH! Summer is really THERE already, isn't it?! Now I'm home and back to bein' jealous again! LOL! That grouper salad looks fabulous! You guys just have sO much fun down there! I want to come be retired down there! Being retired up here is just NOT that much fun!

gpc said...

I'd never heard a about Ms. Crocodile stealing alligator babies -- I'm surprised that she doesn't eat them once she decides they aren't her type. I heard that's what she did with the one male that swam to the island years ago and tried to mate with her . . . Gosh, we can learn so much from nature, lol!

Gayle said...

I can't believe she takes they back. That's wild! Another beautiful weekend in paradise... one could never tire of that!