Friday, May 8, 2009

Sanibel Friday & Friends

It was a warm day, here at Sanibel; 85 degrees with a west wind. On the west gulf beach this evening, the tide was very low. The water was calm and so clear that you could see the shells on the bottom. It was such fun walking along in the warm water, and being able to see through it. There weren't many shells that I would have picked up, but I did find 8 or 10 very small shells to take away with me. :-) There was also time for a quick visit with a couple of friends who are staying at the Blue Dolphin Cottages.

I know you guessed what this is. That's right; a sea brick! :-)


Gayle said...

I'm not sure why, but I can't comment on the previous blog?? Anyhow, nice to see photos of Chris and Jon (since they don't post any!) and is that a photo of Tink mobile blogging??? Looks beautiful as always. Bet you all are having a nice visit. The Egret is so cool. I would love to have such a visitor. I think I have some flamingos landing soon. I'll keep you updated!

bean3 said...

Happy Mom's Day Tootie!
I didn't want to post this under the gloomy sky pics, so I backed up a little! Thank you for your blog, it gives me great happiness everytime I visit. XO bean3