Monday, May 4, 2009

Sanibel Beach Place Monday

There was an unscheduled trip overseas today, via the Sanibel Causeway. On the way across, I couldn't help but notice a major difference in the traffic. There is probably only 1/4 of the amount today, compared to the amount during 'season'. There were only a few people on the spoil island beaches today, even though it was beautiful and a breezy 84 degrees.

The water is still that pretty aquamarine color. The tide was on the way out and you could see white sand beginning to show on the sandbars. The difference of the water colors in those shallow areas, always looks pretty from the highest bridge.

While on the highest part of the bridge, you can also see the Sanibel Harbour Resort on the left.

There was no need to go any further than the other side of the bridge to Sanibel Beach Place where the closest Publix is, before heading back toward Sanibel. Isn't that a strange name for a strip mall that isn't even on Sanibel?? That's another one of those 'Hmmm' things that I haven't been able to figure out.

I noticed that the replacement palm trees at the causeway entrance are looking fairly good.

The next pictures and video were taken at the Lighthouse Beach this evening at low tide. There were a lot of small shells at the high tide line, but not anything I was interested in. I looked at some of them carefully, hoping to see a baby's ear shell, but saw none. There were quite a few people shelling, with most of them crowded between the tip of the island and the fishing pier.

This photo is just before you get to the lighthouse.

Best watched in HD on YouTube by clicking on screen below.


Sherrie said...

Love your photos! Looks very nice there! Maybe one of these days I'll get there. Have a great day!!


antigoni said...

Amazing photos.Love them all. It was a quiet day, on the street and on the beach.

ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

Ha eyes are playing tricks on me,in 1 photo towards the end it looked like the trees were planted in tubing and the tubing is in the ground in the middle of the road. Then again it's after 2 am. Second look I saw it the right way.
Anyway thanks for the pics,they are great!!! Cant wait to read your next blog :)

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

One of my favorite beaches to shell!! Lighthouse Beach. Especially at low tide, though when it's coming in isn't too bad either. Or when it's going out... Most any time I'm up for it. I want to be there before daylight next time!!

Melli said...

Oh, I just know they're going to run OUT of shells before I get to come there! LOL! I'll finally reach Sanibel and it will be Oops... sorry Melli... there are NO MORE shells in the ocean! hehehe... that would be my luck!!! It's all so gorgeous. Have I mentioned lately how BLESSED you are!?

Karon said...

We'll be there in a little more than a week.
Staying a couple of weeks at Pointe Santo. LOVE Sanibel.

Thanks for your photos and videos...NICE!

Karon said...

We'll be there in a few days...staying 2 weeks at pointe santo. We love to visit Sanibel.

Keep the videos of the beach coming! LOL. What a service this IS for us stuck in Cincinnati area.