Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Friends, Sand & Sanibel

Today a couple friends who have been vacationing near Tampa, drove to Sanibel to spend a couple of hours on the beach visiting with those of us on the island that they know. Several of us met on the beach, off West Gulf Drive this afternoon. Three people that live on the island, two visiting here from St Louis, and two others from Holland. We took beach chairs, umbrellas and a few adult beverages. The temperature was 87, but there was a nice breeze coming from over the water to keep us cool. There were beautiful white fluffy clouds that seemed to surround the island, but the sun was shining brightly over us. It was wonderful sitting on the sand, in the shade, visiting, looking out at the turquoise colored water and watching the birds perform for us. So much so, that it was hard to leave. Six of us made plans to meet for dinner, two had to cancel at the last minute, but that gave us an opportunity to get better acquainted with the friends from Holland, who have been coming here for vacation, many years. This was a very enjoyable day.

Best viewed in HD on YouTube by clicking the screen below.


Gayle said...

My dear, you so deserve good times with good friends. I hope you have many more days like this!

Not sure if Snowbird passed on my email to everyone, but my husband and I may be in your area in September if things work out. Not holding my breath or anything, but there is a slight chance.

Snowbird said...

Didn't pass on the email because I didn't get one Gayle. Sorry. I do hope she can visit and I hope I'm back home on Sanibel by then!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Sounds like a lovely day!!