Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Another Sanibel Turtle Walk Day

This morning was the weekly 'turtle walk'. So, today's main post, pictures and video are on the Turtle Talk Blog.

This afternoon, the clouds went away for a while and the sun was shining, but the temperature stayed in the low 80's which was great!

Late evening, the clouds began to gather once again. Then I got excited because a Bobcat walked by again. Right after that, we had some light showers, where I was. Tonight, someone told me that they had lots of rain on the West Gulf Beach. Things are getting more green, already. :-)


Brandy and Andy said...

I am so glad you found me on the web. I enjoy reading your blogs. My fiance has been going to Sanibel Island for several years with friends. I was down there for a week last June. We are getting married at Casa Ybel Resort.

Melli said...

More green ALREADY? I thought things were already quite green down that way! Things are green green GREEN up my way!

I'm off to check the turtle blog!