Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday Sanibel Sunsest

The photos below are taken near West Gulf Drive, Resident Access 2. It was just a short time before sunset when I arrived. The high temperature today was 80 and the humidity was in the 90's. It was in the upper 70's this evening and windy. There is another weak cold front coming Friday; maybe that will bring more shells in. :-)

There was a little wave action still going that was beginning to wash sand off of shells that had previously been covered up during the higher waves. There were shells at the high tide line, along with a lot of other curious items. There were whelk egg cases and two other kinds that I've searched and searched for and every time I think I have figured them out, doubt comes creeping in again. It seems like it's hard for any two people to agree on some of these things. Anyway, I'll point them out, above each of the photos.

There had been some beach erosion, that made it very obvious the sea grasses certainly do help keep the sand from washing away. There was one cluster of tall sea grass and sand had been washed away, except where it was.

There were a lot of people out on the beach, around access 3 and 4. Some were walking and doing the Sanibel Stoop a lot. One happy lady that had been looking through a couple piles of shells, said that those were two piles of incredible, incredible shells! It's fun seeing others so appreciative of sea shells. I left with a pocket full myself. Most people were just standing around to watch the sunset.

You can see 'Happy Lady' in this photo. I'm guessing that I saw 3 generations of her family there in a huddle. We see that a lot here. :-)

More fun beach art.

Could there be campers living on our beach? The sand was dug out from inside and it looked quite cozy and welcoming with the deco along the approaching walkway.

I thought this was Juvenille Horse Conch eggcase clusters, attached to a rock, but now I'm undecided again, because the Tulips looks similar, but maybe a little smaller. The Lace and Apple Murex look similar but I think they are quite a bit smaller; best I can tell from the photos I've seen.

This was a cluster of short stacks of egg cases that had a lot of thick, waxy looking covering on them. That wax looked like it was holding them together or keeping them sealed from the water. At this point, I'm thinking they must be some type of whelk, but I've never seen them attached together like this. I need an expert! My curiosity may kill me!

The sunset was pretty pastels of blue, pink and yellow this evening.


Mediterranean kiwi said...

the colour of the sand is so pale - i am used to beige brown sand on our island

antigoni said...

Excellent photos. You are great artist playing with the sand. You live in a wonderful place.

Tootie said...

Kiwi, our sand is white and with the bright sun, sometimes blinding. :-)

antigoni, I didn't make the sand art. I really don't know who did. I just saw it as I was walking on the beach.

Tink *~*~* said...

The ones with the wax on them - I've seen them before, but not with wax! I always think they look like little corn cobs with all the corn gnawed off ;)

Tink *~*~*

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Ha Tootie, I'd be just like Happy Lady if I were there. I'd probably go home with tons of shell--most of them worthless!!!! I have two big bowls-full that we have gotten on our yearly trips to the beach at NC. I just love the beach--walking on it, sitting just enjoying it, or watching the sunset or sunrise... Oh---can't wait 'til May when we go to the beach!!!

Thanks for sharing.

Melli said...

Ah yes! Generational beaching! That's how I prefer to do it! It's so much more fun with Amanda & Luz along! Oh... and with MOM we have 4 generations! Whoooo...

You do find some of the most fascinating things on that beach! I have never seen egg sacs like that!