Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Turbulent Tuesday on Sanibel Beach

The tide was extra high last night so even though it was pretty chilly, Grand Daughter went out early this morning and found some shells while the rest of the family slept in. This afternoon Daughter, Grandson and I did some browsing in a few shops, had some lunch at Hungry Heron and take out for the SIL and Grand Daughter, (who were back at the condo, suffering from sunburn) then got some groceries.

This evening we went to West Gulf Drive and Resident Access 5. It was chilly and the wind was really strong. There were some shells way up at the high tide line, but only a few scattered closer to the waters' edge. The tide was out and it looked like a lot of sand had been left from the high tide, probably covering some shells. Closer to Access 4 we began to see more shells, but I didn't pick up any. By that time, the wind was even stronger and the sand started blowing so hard that it was stinging our legs and our faces. At that point we made our departure.

This is taken in-between access 4 & 5 off of West Gulf Dr. Another Cold Front is going through and the winds are pretty close to 30 mph. Sorry about the wind noise. The high temp. today was 67* and that was in the morning. It was 62* when this video was taken. There were some shells washing in but still nothing great. Towards the end of the video you can see the sand being blown over the beach.(If you click on the screen below and watch it in HD on YouTube.) Getting sand blasted, isn't a pleasant feeling.


Gayle said...

Too bad about the wind. You can take measures to deal with sun, rain, cold, but wind is a hard one to enjoy being out in. I hope it dies down for you.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Glad you are enjoying your daughter and family... Hope the sunburns are better...


Dale said...

Looks like there ought to be some junonias washing up!

Have fun with the family!