Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday's Hope

Daughter #1 wants a breast cancer door mat to put outside her front door. So, after lots of searching on the net, some were located at Carpet One. They carry several different ones and some for holidays, as well. After getting the address for the nearest location in Ft Myers, we headed out this afternoon with high hopes of finding exactly what she would like. With a little help with directions, from the lady who lives in our dash, we went straight to the store with no problem. I couldn't believe my eyes! They had the perfect one and another that was hard to say no to, so we got them both. I can't wait to send them to her now.

I took a few photos on the way off the island. Both sides of the causeway islands were lined with fishermen today. There were also groups of people enjoying family picnics. The clouds and blue sky were beautiful. I noticed the last two times I've been through the toll booths that they are replacing some palm trees and working on the landscaping again. I read that irrigation and landscaping will also be installed along Summerlin between Pine Ridge Road and Sanibel Island. That should be a very nice improvement.

Went to the beach at resident access 7, off West Gulf Drive this evening. The weather was wonderful today and there were plenty of shells to search through. I took a bulging pocket full home. :-) I think there were as many dogs out taking their owners for walks, as there were people on the beach. One doggie was so cute, that I would have brought it home if they would have let me. There were also dolphin swimming pretty near the shore. It was just a perfect evening!

A variety of shells and plenty of them.

There were sun rays again today.

A pretty yucca plant on access 7.

This is what you call sky watching, on the way back out access 7. :-)

Much better viewed in HD on YouTube, by clicking on screen below.


Tommy Pryor said...

pretty shots, tootie, i like the beach on cloudy days too

gpc said...

You're right, those mats are perfect! Good job, your daughter will love them!

I am imagining the beach walk, I love those perfect evenings with dolphins chasing their dinner to the shore and shells enticing enough to take home! Ahhhh. Thanks (again) for the perfect fantasy.

Snowbird said...

I love the rugs. Give my love to Becky.

Guess I will have to head to West Gulf today and pick up any of the shells that you left behind.

ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

Those are beautiful mats Tootie. I'm glad you found them :)
I can't get over the shells,makes me want to go there

Jacque said...

I love those mats...I have a good friend with breast cancer, I'll be seeking one out for her. Thanks for sharing!

Gayle said...

The mat is perfect! That plant is huge! Wish I had things like that in my yards. The sun rays are beautiful. So many shells! :) Is the "causeway" a big giant bridge? How long is it? Looks huges. Another beautiful day in paradise. Soak it up!

George said...

I think you made some good choices for the mats. It looks as if you had an almost perfect day Saturday. We had about seven inches of rain when we were supposed to be watching our granddaughters play softball!