Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Sanibel Wedding

It was 88 degrees today. I didn't get out to do anything until this evening, to take some pictures at a wedding on a West Gulf Beach near Mitchell's Sandcastles. It had cooled off quite a bit by then, but there wasn't much of a breeze where we were. Because of that, the noseeums were really annoying.

The bride and groom were waiting, when we arrived. We introduced ourselves, since we had not met in person previously, only on an internet message board. We had arranged to do them a favor by taking photos of the ceremony and be witnesses, because they were coming to the island alone. Shortly after that, the minister and his wife came. Another very sweet couple who live on West Gulf Drive, allowed the couple to use their beach front property for the wedding. The sky was really beautiful as we walked out near the beach.

The minister performed a very nice sand ceremony, the blending of two lives joined as one. The kind homeowners came out onto the beach, just at the conclusion and tossed handfuls of jingle shells over the couple, and also gave them a beautiful large horse conch as a wedding gift, along with their good wishes for a happy future together.

After a few more photos, we said our goodbyes to the newly married couple, who were very nice. I hope they will return for many anniversary trips; and we will get to see them again.

(Those of you who know sweet little Dottie, will know she's the person with lots of lovely shells to toss.) :-)

This is the beach just a little east of resident access 4.

The sunset, just after the ceremony.


Snowbird said...

How neat that you got to do that. I love the idea of tossing the jingle shells instead of rice or bird seed. (They probably don't hurt as much when you get hit by them either!)

Betsy from Tennessee said...

I would have loved to have gotten married at the beach. I'll bet there are TONS of weddings there. How neat!!!!


gpc said...

What a sweet wedding custom -- jingles should ensure a very happy marriage! And how nice of you to help make their day -- you really are such a remarkably nice person!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

What a perfect setting for a lovely small wedding! So nice of you to take their pics for them!

Gayle said...

Wow! You work weddings, too! How nice of you to help them celebrate their special day.

ladybuglover526 said...

I too was married on Sanibel Island. Last summer June 26 what a beautiful thing. We had dolphins swim right behind my "alter" what a day of memories. We stayed at Point Santo on West Gulf Drive, and will be returning in 26 days! I cannot wait. Sanibel Island is my paradise!

George said...

I think it was good of you to take pictures for the wedding. It looks as if they had a beautiful setting even with the noseeums.

ladybuglover526 said...

the bad thing about my wedding was the noseeums got stuck in the netting of my wedding dress and the next day, my legs looked like I had leprosy Awful! What do the locals do to prevent the bites? Deet i know works but it smells bad and is really sticky. I heard the bites are not bites but acid burns....what do you suggest?