Monday, April 6, 2009

Laid Back Sanibel Monday

I got up late this morning and then had an idea that I would go over to the kids' condo, pick up Grand Daughter and she and I would go for a bike ride. When I went outside, I was met by some pretty strong wind. That was when I decided against the bike ride. It's hard enough for me to ride on a calm day, without any wind. :-)

When I got to the condo, there was nobody home. I walked out on the beach and found all four of them, right there. Grand Daughter was laying on the sand, with her feet in the edge of the water. I thought she was trying to be a speed bump for the joggers.

The others were reclined in their beach chairs, enjoying the sunshine. Each of them had put on sunscreen, but I cautioned them again about our sun and also wind. They put more sunscreen on before I left.

I thought there were a lot of people on this beach week before last, but today there were twice as many. You could tell they were all having lots of fun. Several families were taking advantage of the wind, and were flying kites.

Grandson went with me to run some errands. Then we went to Periwinkle Park to see the birds. I visited my favorites, which are the two Moluccan Cockatoos. I think they are beautiful birds. Besides lots of different tropical birds, there are also some of the prettiest ducks I've ever seen. They are so colorful. We also saw the lemurs. Then as we were leaving, we got in trouble. Yes, we got reprimanded by the property owner. He said they love visitors, but we are not allowed to park there, even though we were well out of the way and only stayed probably 10 minutes total. I've been in and out of there for over 3 years and always either parked at the end of the row of bird cages or at one of my friends homes, that live there in the park. I never knew that you couldn't park there. Boy, did I feel stupid! So, for your information, you must park in the area between Periwinkle Way and the entrance of the park and walk straight back to where the birds are. But, it's well worth the effort.

After that, we made a stop at the D.Q. before going home to play PS3. By 5:30 we were ready to pick up the others and go to the Hungry Heron for dinner. We had BQ Ribs, which I usually love, but tonight I was a little disappointed because there was hardly any meat on them. It looked like the Oysters on the half shell were a big hit, they disappeared quickly. The Calamari would be very good to someone who loves it, I'm sure. I usually like it, if it's battered and crisp. This was the first time I've had it and I could actually see that there were whole tiny squid on the plate. I won't be eating that again, anywhere. :-) Obviously I don't like that as well as I thought. The Prime Rib all you can eat special, wasn't a favorite either. The first piece was good, the second one they brought out was very thin and had lots of fat. A grilled chicken breast dinner was a hit. New England Clam Chowder also got approval. The shrimp dinner was also a thumbs up. The kids shared a huge piece of chocolate cake and they loved it. I heard a lot of Mmmmm, Mmmmm going on. :-) This is the first time in a couple of years that I have not been well pleased there. It won't keep me from going back, I'll just order my favorites from now on.

The vacationers stopped at Winds to look at Sanibel shirts, then came to watch the NC vs. Michigan game. Three of the sun worshipers, were suffering a little here and there from a little sunburn. Yes, I'm shaking my head. Half of the people on the beach this afternoon were glowing.

Tonight we have a high surf advisory and higher waves from the cold front. The temperature may drop as low as 58 tonight. The wind is out of the NW. Hoping for shells! :-)

Periwinkle Park Birds

There's a row of bird cages in front of the pond where all the duckies were.

I think this is a cool looking tree.

My favorite birds at the park!


ღ Alice ღ ™ said...

Thank you Tootie for the info on Periwinkle Park. I always wondered about visiting there to see the birds. It's looks beautiful.
Sounds like a great day in Sanibel too :) My family & I are heading down in a cpl of days & seeing your photo's & video just make me & my kids want to go now :)

Amy said...

Periwinkle Park was our best find when we were in Sanibel in February! We had so much fun -- and it was all free! (We did leave a small donation.)

Terri Tiffany said...

You have such an wonderful life there! I can't wait to come back there again for a longer visit. YouI realize there is so much more to see and do!

bean3 said...

Your grandaughter makes a pretty adorable speedbump! Really enjoying reading about their visit.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

I'll have to keep that park in mind for our next trip. I know you told me about it last time, but we never made it there.

Look at all those people!! When will it end?? I thought after Spring Breaks were over your season slowed down a bit! Glad you and yours are enjoying it, despite the crowds. I'm sure they're just glad to see you and be out of the cold for a spell!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh My---as I sit here this morning looking at the snow on the ground and feeling cold (temp's are in the low 30's), I am yearning for the beach. Looks like your family are enjoying themselves.. I'd be doing the exact same thing--lying on the beach reading and probably getting too much sun!!!! BUT--I love it, and can't wait 'til we go in May!!!!

Want some snow????

Frank Baron said...

Thanks for the mini vacation. :)

Robert V. Sobczak said...

Life IS a beach when you live on Sanibel!

Snowbird said...

Yeah, Dick gets a little angry when anyone who doesn't belong parks near the birds. I wish I had warned you. Usually this time of year, he is at the back gate stopping everyone who tries to come in that way--including residents. Then he tells us to "DRIVE 7 1/2 mph!!!" But, if you park outside, then you are more than welcome to come in. I have to admit, though, sometimes it is hard for the residents to drive down the street because of so many people walking around. The kids scare me to death because the parent's don't always watch them.

It sounds like you are having a great time with the family.

Gayle said...

So the birds are right where the Snowbirds live? That's cool. There sure are a lot of people at the beach compared to your earlier posts. Looks like a popular fishing spot, too. I've never experienced ocean fishing, but I'd like to some day. I bet you're having a great time with the family/