Friday, April 17, 2009

Cloudy Friday

It was kind of cloudy all day and 81 degrees. I stayed busy helping a friend who was moving, so no time for a beach visit. The house they are moving into is right on a small lake. They had all of the windows open this evening and there was a wonderful, cool breeze coming in over the water from the NE. Especially in the kitchen which has several windows facing the lake.

I also had a chance to see an alligator swimming in the lake and I went out to take a photo while it was relaxing on a log.

This photographer was further back than it appears. :-)

This was how the Sanibel Sky looked most of today, cloudy but pretty. The photos don't show the sun rays that were shining down. :-(

Today Snowbird put a link in a comment she left, on the post I did yesterday about the danger of sand holes. The link takes you to a post made by the mother of a little boy who nearly died in one. You can read for yourself, her story of the terror they experienced. Thank you Snowbird for sharing that and a special thanks to that mother for sharing her story.

Last, but certainly not least: This COMMUNITY ALERT, came in my email today!


Today, the Sanibel Police and the Sanibel Fire Department responded to a small grass fire in the area of Periwinkle Way and Tahitian Gardens along the shared use path. The fire was quickly extinguished. A witness reported seeing a flare being shot into the air, landing and causing the fire.

Evidence recovered at the scene showed what appears to be a "Marine" type flare. Three of these types of flares have recently been turned into the Sanibel Police Department.

If any flares are found, please contact the Sanibel Police Department at 239-472-3111. The Police Department will respond to properly dispose of the flare.

Sanibel remains under High Fire Watch Conditions. This type of flare burns extremely hot and can cause extensive fire damage as well as personal injury.

Could somebody please tell me why anyone would do something so stupid? Hardly a day goes by, that you don't see at least one person throwing a cigarette butt out of their car window, even though they know how dry it is now. Talk about careless. There are constant reminders on radio and tv about fire hazard conditions, and these kinds of things still go on.


Gayle said...

The windows in her house are amazing. I want my kitchen to have windows like that someday. It really helps with the darkness we experience in the Fall/Winter. Ahhh, the warm weather must feel so good. I know my bones would like it.

Snowbird said...

I'm glad you went to the link I posted. People just don't think when they dig a hole on the beach that it could spell disaster.

Wow, I want a kitchen like that too although I'm not sure I would want an alligator quite that close to my kitchen window!

happyone said...

Sometimes you wonder what these people are thinking of - I guess they just don't think at all!!