Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wind Blown Tuesday

Today brought more cold wind, with the temperature only reaching 62. Wanting to check out the progress at Blind Pass, I dressed in warm clothes. My intention was only to take a few pictures and a video of the dredging. But, walking across the bridge to the Captiva side of the pass, I was looking at the big barricade where the sandy material, that wasn't to be used for beach re-nourishment, was being piled. There were tracks over a deep pile of sand that they had been driving over, to get inside of the walls.

Then I noticed some big waves crashing against the rock jetty.

Curiosity took over once again, pulling me toward the beach. (I have a big problem with that curiosity thing!) It was all downhill from there. :-) I saw an area from the jetty for about 20 feet, where small shells were piling up.

Of course, I had to look those over for a little while, then the waves started coming up higher and leaving some shells behind. The west wind was very cold and my long sleeve t shirt and sweatshirt just wasn't warm enough. Another problem arose when I saw a small fan shell just below the shell pile. I HAD to go after it and got hit with a wave before I could get away. The waves seemed to splash higher and further over the shells as time went on. About every fourth or fifth wave, my feet would get wet again.

After an hour and a half, nothing was coming in but crumbled pieces of shells. I was wet, cold, ears hurting, and my hair was tied in knots. So, it was time to go!

As I walked back along the bay side of the bridge, I was surprised to see that there is now water under the center part of the bridge, but just to the other side. The big barricade is on the other side of the bridge. Progress is being made. :-)

I must have looked pretty bad because I noticed people looking at me as I dragged myself back across the bridge to the parking area. The parking policeman was there checking vehicles and I was afraid he might ticket me for being a disgrace in public, but he only looked at me once and very quickly looked away. ???? Believe me, I'm ready for the predicted 75 degree weather tomorrow!

All of the shells were small and common ones. I like the tiny orange scallops and found a lot of those, also 3 nice fan shells. (I broke one of those in my pocket) :-( I got one little juvenile horse conch and some jingles that I picked up for a friend. There were a few other kinds that went home with me too. (There are broken pieces over on the right side that I might use in a craft project.)


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Brrr---it even feels cold down there in sunny Florida, huh?? Is Blind Pass where the hurricane went through?? I think you mentioned it --when you were on that boat ride, but maybe I'm thinking of somewhere else.

Glad you got some neat shells... Wow--I'm just so jealous!!!

Okiesheller said...

Your curiousity is so appreciated! Thanks for all the cool photos and the video! Pretty shells, too!

Jeanne said...

What progress with the dredging. You are a fan shell magnet girl I love the miniatures ones!!!

Thanks for the cyber shelling!

ღ Alice ღ said...

Hi Tootie,I can't get over how different it looks from a few weeks ago. We are going this weekend & I have been wondering what has changed. Thanks for taking the pics. Why was the policeman there checking vehicles? Is the parking lot for the Blind Pass side still open?

Tink *~*~* said...

Lots of lovely tiny orange! insert clappy hands smiley here!

Tink *~*~*

Tootie said...

Betsy, it really did feel cold because the wind was so strong. Blind Pass has a bridge that connects Sanibel and Captiva islands together. The other pass I mentioned was on North Captiva Island, which is north of Captiva. You can only reach it by boat. The eye of Hurricane Charlie actually cut a pass in that island, but it has since filled in with sand again.

Okiesheller, I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Jeanne, you know how I love those fans. :-)

Alice, the parking police travel from one parking area to another all day, checking for resident parking stickers and also the parking receipts to see if they have expired etc.
Yes, the parking area on the Sanibel side of the pass is open, but not the one on Captiva side.

Tink, you saw that little mac n cheese too, right? :-)

Jeanne said...

Tootie...I saw the Mac-n cheese and almost made a comment!

I used to shell with my Mom under the bridge before it filled up. At low tide at that time we would find some treasure! And Huge shell piles to Plop on.... It was wierd seeing the water through there in your photos.

Jeanne said...

I forgot to say I like the color of your shell towel...it looks nice with the background of your blog.

Skittles said...

I saw on CNN this morning that it was "chilly" down there.

These pictures make me a bit homesick, even though I've been up here in Michigan since 1978. I spent more than a few years living in Melbourne and my grandma lived in Satellite Beach.

Gayle said...

Is it always windy by the ocean? I'm pretty far from the sea so I have no idea. I do know that I hate wind...makes my ears hurt. I also noticed most of the shells are very small. Are there larger shells to find as well?

gpc said...

That is my FAVORITE shelling spot and scenario, when those shells start to fly in I even love being blasted by the waves! I've only been there for that a few times. As I was reading, I could feel the totally soaked, hair gone wild, feet gone numb moment - and how good a hot drink tastes after. Somehow those hard won shells are the sweetest for me. Thanks!

Tootie said...

Gayle, sometimes there are bigger shells. If you look through my posts on the Treasures Blog, you'll see shells I have laying out on a towel to dry. That will give you a better idea of what we normally find here. It's usually a mixture.

There is usually a nice tropical breeze, some wind now and then, but we don't get that strong wind too much.

gpc, you got the numb feet thing right too. Ha!