Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Shivers

Brrr, it was a little chilly today, the highest temperature being 71 and by evening it is 57 degrees. Yes, I am shivering!

Some of our friends had a visitor here from Michigan, so 8 of us did a bar crawl this afternoon. We started at Biddle's Bucket with a late lunch. All eight of us were well pleased with our choice from the menu.

A surprise gift for each of us ladies had been sent to Ms. Snowbird from Sandpail Gail. So, Ms. Snowbird saved her surprise for today too and we all opened them together. We each had a necklace made of scrabble tiles. Mine is a sea turtle, Cheryl's a seahorse, Snowbird's an owl, and Tink's a 'Tinker Bell'. That was such a sweet gesture from Ms Gail, when she should be hating us because she was getting more snow while we were having a nice afternoon on Sanibel.

Later, we went to the Sanibel Grill where we had dessert. I had the Bourbon Pecan Pie. It was to die for!

After the others headed for home, I thought I just had to check out beach conditions. Knowing there was a high surf warning, curiosity was nagging at me. I soon discovered that it was a bad idea because the strong NW wind was really cold. But, that's supposed to be a shellers dream. This NW wind wasn't producing any great shelling where I was. But, maybe tomorrow.


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh what fun you all must have had, Tootie... Is the Michigan visitor a blogging friend?? The food looked fabulous.

It's VERY cold here. You would REALLY be shivering. It's going down to about 16 tonight.


Snowbird said...

I much preferred the warm bar atmosphere to the cold beach today. You are a lot braver than I am. We had fun to day and Bob really enjoyed it. See ya next time.

MariBy said...

I have to say that that is one of the finest pics that I have ever seen of 4 women. Amazing.

Love ya,

PS: ...and thanks for putting up with my trash talk today. LOL. :D

Skittles said...

Chilly at 71 degrees? pthththt. :)

That food looks SO good!