Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sanibel Saturday & Laryngitis

I had planned to go to the Sanibel Shell Fair today, but I woke up with no voice. I have had a sinus thing going on for a couple of days and wasn't feeling well, but this is totally annoying!

Around 4:00 this evening, I saw several people walking away from the Sanibel Community Building with some shell crafts and prize ribbons in their hands. A large number of people were still walking around the exhibits, but I think the shell fair was over.

At Resident Access #3 of West Gulf Drive this evening, there was about the same amount of red drift algae on the beach, as there was last evening at Pointe Santo, but there was much more of it out in the water. It probably was as far out as 6 to 10ft, and more in places. The bad odor was there also. Even though there is some red algae around, it still isn't anything like it was two years ago. It wouldn't keep you from the beach.

Between access 3 and 4 there were some shells piled up that appeared to be well searched through. Small shells were scattered along the water's edge, mingled in the algae.

A friend had been to Resident Access #5, about an hour before I got to the beach and she said there wasn't much of the algae there, only a narrow strip along the edge of the water. So, it seems the best idea for beaching is a little further west. :-)

Several people have asked what the Red Drift Algae is. I think the best and easiest way to answer that, is to give you a couple links to sites that explain it very well.

Sea Pork


gpc said...

I always feel bad for people who visit during the algae blooms, the smelly stuff can sure take the fun out of the beaches.

Jeanne said...

Boo hoo.....I don't like seeing the Red Alage.... The video made me sad and I still have my pout face!

I hope your voice is better ;)