Friday, March 20, 2009

Sanibel Friday

This evening was spent with friends at the West Wind Pool Bar for Happy Hour. While there, I noticed a HUGE bunch of gulls flying around that area of the beach. I walked out there to take a look. The gulls were circling all around over the water and then back to land on the beach again. I'm guessing that they were shopping for dinner, as were two Laughing Gulls that landed on the beach near me. One of them had a skinny little fish in it's mouth, about 6" long. They stayed until their dinner was gone and then flew away. Also during this time, I saw about a dozen dolphin swim past. It seems evening is a great time to watch the feeding frenzy that goes on. It was 83 today, but by evening it was around 75 and breezy. A great time to be out and I'm planning to hear a Reggae band that is playing tonight.

What I was focusing on so long, was a swarm of gulls out over the water, some diving for fish, and then flying back to land on the shore. Because of their color and being a little way from me, you can't see them. :-( Hopefully on YouTube and viewing it a little larger, you may be able to.

I forgot to mention that a couple of nights ago, there was a Laughing Gull walking in the street. After getting it off the road, we went on our way. A few minutes later, passing the same spot, the bird came running toward our headlights again. This time it was obvious that it couldn't fly. So, after chasing it down and covering it with a towel, we carried it with us. The next morning when C.R.O.W. opened we took it there. It looked perfectly healthy, and you couldn't see any injuries, but the veternarian said obviously something was wrong or we wouldn't have been able to catch it. We are going to call there tomorrow to find out how it is. It was a very beautiful bird.


George said...

It sounds as if you had a great day. Your first photo is absolutely gorgeous.

Snowbird said...

I hope your bird is ok. If he is still there, I might get to clean his cage tomorrow--who knows.

Melli said...

83 days... 75 nights... and Reggae... Toots, you gotta ROUGH life. If I wasn't havin' so much fun up here, I'd come down and relieve you for a little bit!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Neat Tootie... I hope you saved that birds life... I'll be curious to know what was wrong.

I love that first photo with the clouds/sky/colors. Gorgeous!!!

Have a great weekend.

Dave said...

Let us know how the gull got on? These birds look different to our gulls. Interesting. - Dave

gpc said...

What a smart gull to flag you down! I also look forward to an update on its condition!

I love those evening feeding walks, I can hear the sounds now in my imagination. Sigh.