Thursday, March 12, 2009

Low Tide Thursday

This evening,I was on the beach at the Nerita St. resident access, in front of Sanibel Beach Club and Coquina Beach Condos, which is at the east end of Middle Gulf Drive. I was there a short time before the tide was at it's lowest, which was predicted to be a - 0.1 just before 9 PM.

The first thing I noticed was how low the tide was. Then I was shocked to see how many people were on the beach, in both directions. I guess Spring Break time is in full swing, however most of the visitors here are families.

There were large, long tidal pools to search through for shells. There certainly didn't appear to be many, so I chose to leave them for the tourists, and didn't even look. There must have been some live shells in the pools because birds were busy diving in them. looking for dinner. I did see some people with shell bags that were nearly full.

It was a great evening to be out. The high temperature today was 81. The nights are now in the low 60's. :-)


toni said...

Tootie- that is where we are staying on Nerita Street. We are staying at the Coquina Beach condos!!!! How cool it was to see pictures of the beach that we will be vacationing on- on your blog!

Snowbird said...

I was down there today. Walked toward the lighthouse end and found lots of miniatures. I could have stayed out there all day looking. Lots and lots of people on the beach. Lots of sunburned college kids!

Heart of Rachel said...

Lovely shots of the beach. It looks very peaceful. I love low tides because you can easily walk in the water and see a lot of interesting shells.

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