Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Sanibel Monday

I made another beach visit this afternoon, purely for medicinal purposes. :-) It was an enjoyable day, 80 degrees and sunny. It was a little windy on the beach, with the wind mostly out of the west and NW. How do I know that? Well I watched someone wrestling with a 10 foot beach umbrella that finally flipped wrong side out. :-) That's a pretty good indication.

The photos below were all taken between resident accesses 4 and 5. The ones with the most red algae were taken near Mitchell's. There didn't seem to be as much out in the water today and there was hardly any between access 5 and 6, which was as far as I went. Hopefully that's a good sign.

There were small common shells lying around, that had been left at the last high tide line. All I picked up was a handful of jingles.

A friend called this evening, saying that she was on the beach just off the east end of Middle Gulf Drive, near the Holiday Inn. There was no red algae there and she had found some shells to take home. :-)


Gayle said...

I think I would scoop up shovels full and take home to the girls. I'd give them pots and glue and they would be entertained for days!

Melli said...

LOL! I like Gayle's idea!

Toots? What causes the red algae? Do you know? Or is it just something that has it's season - sorta like jellyfish?

Tootie said...

Melli, I had a couple of links to explain what the red drift algae is, in my Saturday 2/7 post. Here's one of them. :-) Nope, nothing like jellyfish.

I like Gayle's idea too! :-)

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

My girl would have a fine time glue shells on anything!! We'll have to bring back some "not so perfect" ones next time!!