Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Slacker

I was a real 'Slacker' today! I thought I would go for a bike ride, but didn't. I was going to do a little shopping, but didn't. I did go to Island Pharmacy on my way to the beach. The warm weather is back! Woo~Hoo! I think my visiting friend who brought the cold fronts here with her, has taken the cold weather back to West Virginia today. :-)

There were some shells on the beach, but not much for someone who is picky because they already have too many. It seemed like the waves were moving some of the sand to reveal more shells. The sunshine was very warm and the breeze was cool. What more could you ask for?

This is an area of small pines, at Mitchell's Sandcastles, growing back since Hurricane Charley.

This gull was taking a rest on the sand ledge and sure didn't seem to be disturbed by me taking his photo.

Several jellyfish were lying on the beach and floating back and forth in the water.

You could see where shells had washed over the sand in this area. There were shells under the sand. This would have been a good place to dig for shells, but I didn't bring the digger. :-(

Those of you that are at the beach frequently will understand when I point out how wide the beach is in this area now.

Is this pyramid a monumental tomb, and if so, who or what do you think is in there?

A monument to the pen shells???

This video can be viewed in HD on YouTube.

Tonight friends got together for dinner at the Sanibel Grill, I was surprised by it being another celebration for my birthday. We did more visiting and had a couple of drinks out on the patio. From there we went on to McT's for a little more fun. Not only was dinner a treat by a great couple, but another friend brought a rose bouquet to me. They were beautiful and smelled soooo good! This lady just bought a flower shop here on the island. I'll tell you more about her and the shop in another post.


gpc said...

You deserve lots of celebration! Loved the monuments -- maybe one of them was to all of us suffering in the North!

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

You might have been slacking all day, but you sure had a busy afternoon/evening!! Happy b-lated birthday (again, I think!)

Where is that beach located? Not sure I know where Sandcastles is....
Is there public access parking near it?

ChrisC and JonJ said...

Bappy Hirthday!!If I had had been aware of what planet I was on,when I talked to you,I would've wished you Happy birthday!Hope this will do!But I did try to give you planting advice.Will that do for a birthday present?And Jon says to tell you Happy Birthday,too.

Tootie said...

Chris, my birthday was on the 5th, but somehow the celebration has stretched on through several days now. :-)

Scrap Cat, Mitchell's Sandcastles is one of the properties near the end of West Gulf Drive, that has little rental cottages. There is no public parking in that area, only the resident beach accesses.

Little Black Scrap Cat said...

Thanks, Tootie. I'll look them up. We already have our condo reserved at Sea Shells, but I'd like to explore more of the beach. We learned our lesson about parking at the resident access spots!!

Gayle said...

Yea, warm weather. Three of my kids are flying into Miami tonight. They are going on a 3-day cruise to the Bahamas with my ex. I hope they have great weather.