Friday, February 27, 2009

Friday's Find

I thought by going to the beach earlier this afternoon there would be less traffic and there was less on the way there. Coming back it was heavy again.

The resident access parking areas were all nearly full, until access 7. Walking out onto the beach, proved that there was a reason all those cars were out there. The water was pretty clear again and a beautiful color. It was windy, but the waves were gentle. It seems like the waves are uncovering shells from beneath the sand and pushing them in. The first thing I saw when I looked down, was another tiny orange scallop. Once again, that was the only shell I carried away. :-)

This was a beautiful day for a walk and the brown pelicans, Royal Terns and sea gulls were very entertaining. When the pelicans crashed into the water for a fish, a whole group of sea gulls would fly all around it, trying to take the fish away. They put on a comical show. I doubt the pelicans thought it was very funny.

View in HD on YouTube.


Gayle said...

I would pull of a lawnchair and watch the pelicans as long as they stayed. Birds are so entertaining.

Melli said...

It just amazes me - absolutely AMAZES me how MANY shells there are! And that you keep pickin' 'em up, and a bzillion other people keep pickin' em up, and still, everyday there are more! WHERE do they all come from??? LOL!

NOW I wish I was down there to photograph pelicans!

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Those tiny little orange scallops are so cute.. I'll bet you have a TON of gorgeous shells.. I'd love to see your collection.

They are predicting SNOW here tomorrow night and Sunday... Want some company???? ha

George said...

We often see pelicans when we go to the beach. They are very interesting to watch, but I have yet to get good pictures of them diving for fish.

busybee2 said...

Are the orange scallops unusual to find? You mentioned them twice, so I am thinking they must be? What is the most unusual shell you have found?

Tootie said...

Busybee, the orange scallops aren't unusual, they are just one of my favorites and I especially like the very tiny shells like that. Just a personal preference. I have found two junonias and the shell that I got most excited about was a Lion's Paw. I have only found one of those.

Betsy you can see many of the shells on my blog about Treasures.

troutbirder said...

My spouse always told me she wanted to retire to be a beachcomber. I don't think I dare to let her see this blog as I look out the window at 2 ft. of snow.